The Revival Manifesto

It is our intention that in reading this manifesto that you will endeavor with us to make a change. You must be the change that will send shockwaves through your home, schools, work and communities. Only when you become the change in yourself that you desire to see spread across this country do we have any hope at all of achieving the goals of this revival in our generation. The manifesto that we declare is not a comfortable one but it is one that we feel is necessary to usher in the move of God within our generation today. This is our Bushido, our code, that sums up what we feel is required of us in this age.

Take it and make it your code as well. Take your place in this army and live as if you meant it. No compromise, no sellout!

1. We determine to let go of all the things that have infected the church and our lives with the lies of our enemy. We will not settle and we will not be bought off by comfort or the acclaim of men.

2. We determine to not view our Christian life as a lifestyle choice any longer; rather, as we have been completely remade in God’s image and likeness we should live as representatives of Christ here on earth.

3. We determine to live as if those lives were not our own anymore; we were bought with a price. Because of this, we will not seek our own comfort until we have first served the Master.

4. We determine that there is no price too great for a move of God in our day. We will pray and fast, seeking God with our whole hearts until the fire falls in our generation.

5. We determine to speak the truth in love to everyone we meet. We will seek God for opportunities for power encounters with the enemy. We will preach and live without compromising God’s message to our world.

6. We determine that we will seek to be reconciled with our brothers and sisters in the church, using their wisdom to balance our zeal. And in so doing, serve God by serving His church.

7. We determine to study to show ourselves approved, never taking pet doctrines and always relying on the whole counsel of the Word to insure we do not fall into deception.

8. We determine to live every day as if Christ will return tomorrow, never missing an opportunity to share the Gospel and never getting so comfortable we do not have our jars full of oil at all times.

9. We determine to shun religious prejudicial thinking. We will not avoid the world for fear of getting unclean; instead we will hold forth the Light in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation. We understand that it is not through avoiding the world that conviction falls upon them, rather, it is through standing righteously near them that they can begin to see their fallen state.

10. We determine that we are in a very real battle whose outcome will determine the very course of the world. As this is the case, we will live as enlisted soldiers, taking our orders, following our code and running to whatever battles the Lord is pleased to put in front of us. We will watch our flanks, protect our brothers and care for our wounded, never leaving a man behind.

11. We determine to fight viciously until the very end. Every stronghold will be focused on, every distraction that our enemy calls his, we will not partake of in our lives. Holiness is not a mark of the religious Pharisee, legalism is. Holiness is a mark of maturity in Christ and we determine to take no comfort of the flesh that would make Christ in us uncomfortable.

12. We determine to learn to pray in a way that gets the results that God demands in the earth. His need must come first in all of our prayer time, his will must come first in all of our seeking. We must rediscover how to pray through until we get through and reestablish the importance of intercession in our world.

13. We determine to accept the fact that when you fire at the enemy, he fires back. We accept this as par for the course and will bravely hold the line with those beside us. To do this, we will adopt an outlook of grace and love for our brethren that will counter any divisions the enemy seeks to exploit within our ranks.

14. We determine to crush our enemy and give our lives as sacrifices to God until He visits us with an unprecedented move of His Spirit. The question that must be raised is no longer, “Will you live for Christ?” But rather, “Will you die for Him?” We are therefore living martyrs, looking for a city whose builder and maker is God.

15. We determine to live out the principles of redemptive suffering in our lives. If we can answer a need in someone’s life then we should not ask God to do so. If we must suffer at times then let it be for the relief of others! We are here to serve to world by our hunger, thirst, lack, plenty and prosperity.

This revival is for you. You have come into the Kingdom for a time such as this. But it will wait for no single person. Your spot is not guaranteed in heaven’s honor roll, you must fight hard to win it. If that is your desire above all else—you can start right now by saying,

“Let this revival start in me.”


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