Reformed Word of Faith


In the simplest terms, American Pentecost is a Word of Faith, non-denominational, full gospel ministry.

If you would delve a little deeper, you would find that we are charismatic in terms of our worship and in regards to the spiritual gifts. What separates us from other Word of Faith churches is that we are Reformed in our foundational doctrine. What separates us from other Reformed ministries is that we are aggressive in our church planting and evangelizing.

Here at American Pentecost, our doctrine may be defined as UniversalEvangelical, Reformed, Full Gospel and Word of Faith.

The theology is “universal” in that it reaffirms the doctrines of historic Christian orthodoxy such as those defined by the Apostles Creed and the great ecumenical councils of Christian history. These universal doctrines include such affirmations as the Trinity, the deity of Christ, the atonement of Christ, and other doctrines that are integral to historic Christianity.

The theology is “evangelical” in that it affirms with historic Protestantism such vital doctrines as the Five Solas of the Protestant Reformation. The sole ground of our justification is the merit of Jesus, which is imputed to all who put their trust in Him. Though good works flow necessarily and immediately from all justified persons, these works are not the meritorious grounds of our justification.

The theology is “reformed” in that, in addition to catholic and evangelical doctrine, the distinctive doctrines of the magisterial Reformers such as Luther, Calvin and Knox are also embraced in a way that distinguishes the Reformed tradition from other Protestant bodies. Reformed theology is God-centered. The structure of the Biblical covenant of grace is the framework for this theology. The concept of God’s grace supplies the core of this theology.

Finally, the theology is “Full Gospel” in that we believe that everything that Jesus did in the Gospels, He is still doing today and everything that the Church was in the Book of Acts, it is called to still be today. We are unapologetic about being Spirit-Filled here, we expect the presence of God in our meetings and depend on His communion, empowerment and leading in our lives. We believe the Gifts of the Holy Spirit to be in operation today, just as they were in the First Church.

Finally, the ministry is Word of Faith in that we believe that man’s responsibility in cooperating with God’s sovereign will is accomplished through the confession of the homologio and an active walk of Faith in this earth.