Revolutionary Papers: April 20, 2019

On the material plane and spirit.

Μακάριοι οἱ πτωχοὶ τῷ πνεύματι , Ὅτιαὐτῶν ἐστιν ἡ βασιλεία τῶν οὐρανῶν .

Blessed are the poor in the spirit for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens.

Almost all translations except for the Berean render the first part of this verse, “Blessed are the poor in Spirit…”. This is due to the fact that no matter how skilled you are in the Greek or Hebrew, your translation will always be limited by your revelation. To accept that translation means that it’s not the poor that are empowered to prosper, it’s the spiritually poor.

This is a nifty exercise that takes the real world application out of this verse and introduces a vague (but pious sounding) concept of spiritual poverty. I reject this interpretation in part because Christ was not addressing monks or the doctrinally nimble, he was addressing ‘the folks’, normal people that had come out to hear him. They desperately needed good news and the introduction of a vague spiritual ideal is never good news.

So I’m going for the straight rendering of this section, τῷ πνεύματι: in the spirit.

We learned yesterday about who the poor are and about this radical mandate that Christ brought to the earth. And we see that God has a preferential love for the poor, above the comfortable or the wealthy.

Now we see the process for this blessing and the avenue for walking in it.

There are two separate and distinct realities that we live in as human beings, the material and the spirit. Almost every religion and people group agree on this, even if they don’t agree on their different forms or functions.

There is a spirit realm and there is a material realm.

The material realm is made up of matter, things that you can see, hear, feel, taste and touch. It’s made up of things too small to physically see as well such as atoms. Yet everything in the material plane can be engaged with the physical senses, even if you need assistance in the form of microscopes or other technology.

We know what these sense knowledge entities are in the world due to description and inspection. From the time you were born, you’ve had people helping you to navigate this plane by describing its contents for you: water wet, fire hot, wall solid, tree fixed in place.

Once the description has been offered and accepted, you then become limited by it. Your navigation of the material plane is based on the information that you have.

So then you as a spirit have a soul (mind, will and emotions) and you live in a material body. The purpose of that body is as a vehicle you possess to navigate the material plane.

The spiritual plane is just as much a living reality as the material plane. It however is not sense knowledge based, it is formed by something greater than matter, in fact, it created matter.


Revolutionary Papers: April 19, 2019

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:3

Part 1.

During my study time over the years I am ashamed to say that I never bothered to exegete the Beatitudes. I knew them and so due to that and their apparent simplicity, I never bothered to study them out in a meaningful way.

Over the last few years however, I’ve gotten into the habit of reading everything in an interlinear Bible. My love of exegesis demands it, really. And so when I found myself reading the Beatitudes again, I found myself in a Word study accidentally.

I’m glad I did.

Today I’m going to cover Matthew 5:3 in a short post and then proceed to go line by line from there in the following days.

Christ really begins his public ministry in Matthew with the Beatitudes and it’s a revolutionary act, beyond anything the world had seen or comprehended up to that point. The truth is that we still don’t comprehend his words. They seem to be the reciprocal of every bit of conventional wisdom that we have, fitting for the pattern son of an alien species; the Elect.

Here in his first statement we see this played out:

Μακάριοι οἱ πτωχοὶ τῷ πνεύματι , Ὅτι αὐτῶν ἐστιν βασιλεία τῶν οὐρανῶν .

Blessed are the poor in the spirit for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens.

Blessed means ‘to prefer and empower to prosper by speaking over someone’.

Who does this say is blessed, preferred, empowered to prosper?

The poor.

God does not just have sympathy for the poor, in his grace he actively prefers them. In a church age that is so intrinsically tied to the World System and its values, this is difficult to fathom. We tend to see God’s preference as being the middle class; a home with a mortgage, a new car every few years, material comforts surrounding us, college for the kids and a comfortable retirement. We see this as being the desire of God for us so much that we actually use it as an evangelistic technique – and we call it ‘being blessed’.

Christ turns this on its ear and says to us that the blessing is not on the comfortable or the financially solvent, the blessing is on the poor. I’d like to hit on just one reason that I believe this is.

First, humans never seek God when they feel that they don’t need God. When the bills are paid, the marriage is okay, the kids aren’t nuts and there’s money in the bank with the promise of more coming, you don’t seek God. You’ll go to church because that’s an insurance policy to protect your prosperity. You might read a devotional. You might even pray a bit just to further ensure you and your families continued comfort.

What you won’t do is seek God with the violence of someone that has no option but God. That’s reserved for the poor.

In our Theology, this preference for the poor becomes a foundational element of our walk in this world and our understanding of God’s agenda here.

We must see that preferring the poor is not the same as accepting poverty and considering it a good thing. Christ states that the poor are blessed (preferred and empowered to prosper), letting us know that the state of poverty is not the desired end. This apparent contradiction helps us to understand several things:

First, material poverty is never good but an evil to be opposed. It is not simply an occasion for charity but a degrading force that denigrates human dignity and ought to be opposed and rejected.

Second, poverty is not a result of fate or laziness, but is due to structural injustices that privilege some while marginalizing others. Poverty is not inevitable; collectively the poor can organize and facilitate social change.

Third, poverty is a complex reality and is not limited to its economic dimension. To be poor is to be insignificant. Poverty means an early and unjust death.

Poverty is not a benefit of the Kingdom of God. It is a systemic evil that is provided a remedy only inside of the Kingdom. The poor are empowered to prosper inside of that Kingdom, even if they can catch no break in the World System.

The poor will gladly receive the truth of this, embrace the grace of the spoken blessing and find genuine sozo inside this revolutionary Kingdom of God. Then in turn, they can proclaim this good news to others and overthrow corrupt systems that seek to enslave and humiliate us as humans.

You poor are empowered to prosper by the blessing, Christ is saying. In this Kingdom, wealth is given freely and prosperity can flow into all five realms of human existence: mind, body, spirit, financial and social! Receive it and then go free others! Set a new financial system in place in the earth that is just and fair and good for all!

That’s a revolutionary statement and one that we’ve still not heard in the church.

Spring Fundraiser

Hey all.

It’s been quite an interesting winter at the Currahee Community. I’ll be writing more next week in regards to specifics of what happened and what is currently happening here but in the meantime, I wanted to let our friends and supporters all over the world know of a very important need.

As you guys know, we don’t put out fundraisers or mention specific needs; feeling like we need to take everything to prayer alone. I had used this method for many years in ministry and fell away from it due to the wear and tear of ministry in general. And God has always been faithful to us as we try in our small way to demonstrate the God that answers prayer.

This time we are faced with not only material needs but the outright resistance of some Christian “ministries” and so we are going to let you know a very pressing amount that we are believing for.

With winter being over, we were saddled with the burden of utilities on not just our small rooms that we use as living quarters here at the Intentional Community but all of the utilities for a 25,000 square foot building plus two big barns. This will be litigated in court come June but for now, the need remains in order to keep everything going.

This is a good work and the fruit has been amazing. I’m asking that you help as the Lord needs to keep the lights burning bright here!

God bless you guys!

JC & Co.

Being Unbalanced

I get tons of questions about my particular stances for the Lord, usually revolving around why I seem so darn angry.

The majority of church folks just don’t see things from my perspective and it is easy to dismiss how I am or what I say as just being “angry”, ministering from my wounds, stopped in my growth, unloving, etc.

Perspective is everything, it really is.

For example if you see a couple walking down a street from behind, him holding her close as they make their way down a dark section of town, you may assume that they are actually a couple and he is holding her protectively. However, what if you saw them from a different angle and saw that he was holding a weapon to her side? Why, your perception of the event would change and so would your reaction.

Or perhaps you see someone walking down a hallway and all of a sudden, they start pawing the air and wiping their face crazily.

You might assume that they are a nut job and determine to stay as far away from them as possible because no human in their right mind would ever act that way. Of course, from a different perspective you might see that they had just walked into a cobweb hanging from the ceiling.

In older days, you could safely assume that if a Watchman on the wall cried “Danger!” there was a good reason for it. But in this crazy world that we live in, we simply do not trust anyone, especially not Bible thumping preachers. It is almost as if we honestly believe that we can determine our own reality by choosing what watchman we listen to. If we don’t like the cry of warning coming from the south wall, we just choose to listen to the watchman at the west wall, who may or may not have the same field of view as the one raising the alarm. Or worse, he just may not care.

Today in America, any watchman who cries a warning is immediately marginalized and ignored. We prefer our watchman to build us up, telling us of our safety and of the good times that lay ahead. Those who ‘cry loud and spare not’ are told that they are angry and are judging. Then they are left to starve out as all of the supply goes to the (un)holy windbags spouting worldly virtues and being nice.

Nice will not help us now, church.

We sit here in America today with the church suffering massive deception, the world around us getting progressively worse each day as it revels in the godless lies of secular humanism and the signs that warn us of what is to come are growing louder and louder every single day and the church is still asleep in its ease.

Now more than ever, you would think that someone would be raising the cry of alarm and waking the church.

But the church sleeps on…

Newton’s First Law of Motion states that a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.

The church will not turn itself, my friends. Even the laws of the universe that God designed point to this fact.

No, the disease of our church system is systemic; it affects the entire Body and not just one part. And every new teaching, every sissy men’s group, every seeker-sensitive church plant, every compromise of the truth used to gain new members, every silly television preacher simply giving the people the candy that everyone seems to want, just leads us further and further into the darkness.

And every sign right now points to the church remaining safely on course, straight to oblivion.

We discard every voice of dissent that is raised and surround ourselves with voices that tell us those things which most closely line up with our personal theology or even worse, our personal politics. This is because in the end, we want to be proven right in what we believe. We don’t want to know the truth so much as we want to be right.

We buy the books, attend the seminars and listen to the sermons of those who most closely align with our personal views. We attend the church that makes us comfortable, builds us up, and has the proper social standing. But most importantly, the church must align with our views. We never even consider aligning ourselves with God’s word instead.

To make matters worse, the church has been infiltrated by a spirit of Korah (Numbers 16:1-35).

This spirit has crept in and spread its poison among our ranks, rendering much of the church ineffective and offering strange fire in the name of the Lord. It has whispered in our ears, “There is no clergy and laity, no difference between any of us; we are all called, all anointed and all able to do the work.” And how good this sounded to our ears in the church, how enticing to hear that we were all equal and therefore, we did not have to submit to any man at any time. How wonderful it was to our itching ears to hear that we didn’t have to listen to the watchman on the wall anymore!

And as we rejoiced in our man-made democracy, the enemy laughed because he knew, above all, that when you smite the shepherd, you scatter the sheep.

And so he has and so it has been done.

A body in motion will stay in motion, church. Once it begins, it cannot change its path nor slow its speed on its own. Any change that comes to it must come from outside it.

The second law of motion states that if an unbalanced force acts on a body, that body will experience acceleration (or deceleration), that is, a change of speed or direction.

In order to change the speed or direction of a body in motion, there must be some unbalanced force acting upon it. It cannot be a balanced force because if the outside force is heading in the same direction at the same speed, it changes nothing. So, it must be coming from a different direction or a totally different speed.

And that is supposed to be you and I, my friend.

You see, while the enemy tried to convince us that something was wrong with us, that we were out of step and out of time, we were right where we were ordained to be. His only hope that the path of the church would remain unchanged was in aligning us with the church.

He used guile, shame, a desire to belong and pressure from those around us to try and attain this goal.

He starved us out, causing finances, prayers and support to be withheld.

He told us that if we were truly called to do what we were doing, wouldn’t there be more fruit?

And so many have listened, so many have joined the great groupthink of the Establishment Church and began singing the same song as them that it has appeared that there was no hope of ever seeing any real change occur.

But God…

Today, if you hear His voice, don’t harden your hearts. Step up, step out and apply all of the pressure to the church’s direction that God has placed within you. You are the outside force, the unbalanced force that God is using to steer the Old Ship of Zion back on course.

Don’t you despair, you are not alone, my friends, you are right where you need to be.

Just be the change.

Sacrilege towards the Frankenchrist.

“I could not understand why men who knew all about good and evil could hate and kill each other”.

Mary Shelley


“Je n’ai jamais été chrétien, je n’ai été réveillé que par Dieu.

I have never been a Christian, I have only been awakened by God.”

~Vérité, self.

There is only one way to understand a thing when the truth of what should be doesn’t line up with the monster they are presenting you with. The monster is a hodge-podge of scavenged bits in the shape or form of the true, but not the substance of it.

You and I have been lied to, friends. And the only way you are going to see it is move on from where you are.

Let me explain.

Imagine there is a large cave. The descent into this cave is down a long steep passage. The descent is such that no outside light or sound can reach the interior of the cave.

Now imagine there are people imprisoned within the cave. Each of these has been there since childhood, having their hands and feet shackled so that they are forced to look on the back wall of the cave and cannot turn to see behind them. This cave and specifically that wall are all they know. All of their knowledge of the world around them is based on their perception of their surroundings.

Behind these chained people, someone has built a fire that casts light upon the rear wall that they are facing. Now, projected all along this wall at all times of the day, someone performs a puppet show for those who are chained. The puppeteers duck down and perform the puppet show so that the shadows of the puppets are cast upon the wall that the prisoners are facing. At times, the shadow figures takes the silhouette of a statue moving along that wall, at others times the shadow appears as a bird or even a book.

Don’t you suppose that those who are chained, knowing only what they perceive, consider the shadows dancing upon the wall to be real?

And perhaps through long association they have become familiar with certain shadows, naming some and thinking they understand their patterns of behavior. All that they can know is what is displayed obviously before them. When they hear a voice, they recognize it as being from one of the puppets and make their associations.

Now every day, they are fed three times. And all prisoners who are chained know that to receive their food, they must lift their right hand at the appointed time. In many of the areas of their common existence, such as to purchase a treat or fall in love, they follow the same general pattern. And all physical benefits that they have been taught to receive agree that the law is; perform this action, get this result.

Consider the effect should one of them one day break free. They turn and see the fire for the first time. They would have no idea what it was, only know that it was the source of the light that shined on the wall. They wander past the fire and up the entrance to the surface. The light from the sun would be blinding to them at first.

Perhaps the new reality is so different from their established patterns of behavior that they immediately run back inside the cave to the security of what they have always known.

But maybe one dares venture out into the dazzling light unafraid of the implications.

Soon their eyes adjust and they see men like themselves walking freely. Perhaps they bend down and find an orange or another type of food lying on the ground. Amazed by everything they see, they venture back into the cave to explain to the prisoners left behind that what they see is not real. Would those who are still bound believe them while their chains held them fast?

Perhaps the one who escaped returns to the surface and looks for more food where they found the last. But none can be found for days on end. They wander back into the cave and explain to the others that they are hungry but can find no food.

Would the prisoners not explain how simple it is to receive food? Wouldn’t they say, “Simply sit back down with us, raise your right hand and you will get food!” And when the free man refused to do things that way any longer, don’t you think that those who are still bound would consider him a fool and fully deserving of his fate?

But having seen the sun outside and knowing the truth of the bound one’s true circumstances, could the man ever return to his former position no matter how hungry he became?

We sit, day after day within that cave.

We know from our experience and from the constantly repeated descriptions of others what those things are that are shown to us upon the wall. We hear the others who are chained beside us talk and debate as to what certain things are. And though we may disagree with some definitions we still hold fast to some common rules. Some things never change. Some laws are immutable. You cannot change the substance of the shadows, you must raise your hand ‘just so’ in order to get your provision, you cannot turn around.

We name and define and categorize what we see before us. Some who are chained have keen imaginations and so their descriptions are far deeper than some others. But it never changes the fact that you are bound inside of a cave. The shadows are just that, shadows.

I had a vision once.

I saw a large river where flotsam and jetsam of all different shapes and sizes floated down the current. Floating among them were Christians from every nationality. All of them were neck deep in the murky water and seemingly happy even though they were surrounded by trash and offscouring.

Occasionally, one would hit a high spot in that riverbed and push hard with their feet, jumping up to where the water was around their waist.

When this happened, others all around them would point and grow very excited at where they were. Then they would rush to where the person was and attempt to get just as high out of the water themselves.

This happened over and over again.

Then I looked up from the river and saw Jesus standing on the bank, motioning for me to come up where he was. And I saw that those people were Christians and the river was the World System they were all floating in.

Once in awhile, a teacher comes along who is not as deeply engrossed as the others or who has a “revelation”. Christians want this and will go to them and try to put what they are saying into practice. But like jumping in water, the level you can jump to is only temporary and you will soon find yourself in the same position again and again.

But the Christ is out of that river completely. And if we are to have what he desires for us, if we are to live in the environment we are meant to live in, we have to be where he is.

To go up where the devil can’t go.

No matter what our insights or efforts, if we remain within the cave or within that river, none of it matters. Because truth resides in the light of day outside the cave and it abides on the shoreline with the Savior. Certain facts about this life we live are seemingly inescapable. And they are in the sense that everyone, regardless of stature or education believes in them.

When we hear the stories of Jesus feeding the multitudes, turning water into wine or walking upon the water, they carry with them the feeling of being fantastic. We can imagine them taking place in some other time and some other place but never beside us in that cave. The scope of our perception is limited to our immediate surroundings.

Can’t you imagine the scene when someone comes in from outside that cave and explains to them what they are seeing on the wall before them? Most would not believe it. They have been in chains for their entire lives, facing that wall. And when they attempt to turn enough to verify what the escapee says, they are bound from doing so by the clasps around their neck.

Do you think they would be appreciative of what was being told to them? Or would they instead fall into a defensive position, writing off the escapee as a crackpot and liar. They would quickly become angry at the descriptions and rely on what they saw with their own eyes as proof for their convictions and descriptions.

And no matter how hard they tried to believe the stories, the reality of them would never be manifest because they remained bound. They could believe all they wanted that they could close their eyes and when they opened them, they would see the sun that the escapee described.

Maybe they would subscribe to his theories in their minds and talk about the possibility of being free. Those who did so would no doubt become alienated from the larger group. But it would still not change their position. Because the only way to see the sunlight is to become free, not just subscribe to it mentally.

Here lies the crux.

There is a qualitative difference between fact and truth. Fact is what you see displayed on the wall before you, spoon-fed to you since you were a child. Facts are generally agreed upon even when they are described in different ways. But truth must be experienced in order to qualify it as being truth. Mental assent says, “Yes such and such is true, I believe it.” Faith based on truth says, ” I know this to be true because I have experienced it as such.” This is what separates fiducia from noticia or assentia.

Even demons believe.

We quote the verse all the time that says “The truth shall set you free.” But that is not what the verse says. It says; “If you continue in my word, you are my disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” John 8:31-32. So it is not the truth that sets you free, it is:

1. Knowing the truth.

2. Continuing in that truth.

The Pharisees had a knowledge of the truth. They could quote verses all day, in fact. Their great error is that while they knew the scriptures, they had no experience of the Word.

It is not in ‘knowing’ that there is an outside world beyond our cave that matters, it is being outside the cave ourselves. There are many promises in the Bible, none of which means any more than the paper it was printed on if we have not the subjective possession nor the practical experience of it.

Spiritual power takes place not when we read a passage of scripture but rather when the Word of God goes from being logos to rhema, that is, from the written objective word to the God-spoken subjective word. The truth must make the transition from being objective (expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations) to being wholly subjective (characteristic of or belonging to reality as perceived rather than as independent of mind).

We must possess the truth in experience before it has any power whatsoever.

All of us are stuck in that cave at one time or another. And can’t you see how true this is? How the actions and reactions of those around us and the viability of their advice to us is determined chiefly on whether or not they themselves are stuck in that cave as well?

God will not be stuck in a box. And just because something you hear is strange or does not jive with your metal capacity, it does not make it any less true. We are obliged as Christians to leave that cave, to climb on shore with Christ and see the world around us from a fresh perspective. And that is when light can truly break for us once and for all.

This requires great bravery, make no mistake. Because even all that you know of God is often just a shadow puppet on the wall, everyone being chained together agreeing with one another as to its truth.

I am known as being quite sacrilegious, it’s true. I also have a very big mouth filled with very strong opinions. I don’t care about your groupthink nor do I tiptoe around your personal golden calf god that you keep on your mantle, rubbing its belly for fortune.

I had heard stories of the God of my mother and father, the God that answered prayers miraculously without their help.

I had heard of the God of A.A. Allen that could still save and deliver and heal, just as he did in Christ’s day.

I had read of Mueller and his 30,000 recorded answers to prayer without ever telling a single person the needs. I had heard the stories first hand from Dr. Sumrall and Pastor Davey, men that knew God without question.

And those stories inspired me to find that God, the God of miracles.

In the last few years I’ve come to realize that the failures that I’ve seen in God are not the failures of the real God, it is the failure of a Frankenchrist monster, cast upon a wall as a freak mockery, unable to produce a needed result.

And the answer will not come through my praise of the Frankenchrist and subsequent denial of its limitations. It will come from acknowledging that it is not the true God, then, taking the book in hand, hearing direction clearly from the Spirit and leaving the cave once again to find Him.

The God of revival. The God of justice and truth and power. The God that promises to provide on His own, by faith. The God that can reach out and extend His Kingdom on this earth with common grace lavished on all and complacent live showered on his children.

He’s not to be found in your river. But He is able to be found if we leave the camp of the accord of the fake, deceived and deceiving religious panderers slinging snake-oil for a fake god.

If we have that bravery, he’s out there to be found afresh, out beyond the cave.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

The darkest times in human history have all begun when someone decided “not to let a serious crisis go to waste”. In fact, it is in times of crisis that folks are most susceptible to the ideas of tyrants. We look for an answer, any port in a storm that will shield us from the unknown. And in our desire to be safe, we open ourselves up to things that we would never have dreamed of allowing in normal times.

Consider, my friends, that Germany in the 1930’s was suffering from massive unemployment and high inflation, mostly due to the effects of the Great Depression. Hitler appointed Hjalmar Schacht as Minister of Economics to combat the declension and bring Germany into fresh prosperity.

Schacht leaned on Keynesian Economics to this end, specifically in the areas of large public works programs supported by deficit spending. For those that don’t know, deficit spending is when the Government purposefully spends more money than they receive through tax revenues. The theory is that by spending into deficit, the government creates jobs which increases consumer spending. This in turn, creates more business by supplying for the new spending being done.

The natural reaction that rational people have to deficit spending is to talk about the “burden of the national debt”. The idea of course is that if we create debt now, future generations will have to pay that debt off and we therefore are saddling them with a burden that is unfair. Interestingly, this reaction has been in place since the 1930’s when Keynes first introduced his theory.

Now, is it any wonder that the government has been untouched by the people’s cries regarding the burden of the national debt? To them it is the expected and naïve cry of the bourgeoisie used to scare the ignorant proletariat.. To the Keynesians, the debt-income ratio would disappear over time anyway, provided the economy grew fast enough.

Forgive my descent into macroeconomic theory, friends, I do have a point here. However, I want you folks to understand what is happening all around you right as we speak. The powers that be have long ago embraced Keynesian economic theory. That was the reason for the massive spending bill, the Omnibus bill and the bailouts. They believe that by combating declension with massive governmental works, like the military and deficit spending, they can not only end declension but bolster new growth in the private sector.

Hjalmar Schacht and Adolf Hitler believed the exact same thing and Schacht applied the theory to Germany’s Depression economy. After jolting the economy with massive deficit spending, the next step was to implement the Reinhardt Program, combining tax reductions with public investment in roads, railways and waterways. Now while it cannot be argued that both practices worked in getting Germany well on the road to recovery, it also is evident that it was the death of the local free market in Germany and the perfect springboard for Hitler’s rise to dictatorship.

In the Germany of the 1930’s, the economic troubles served as a serious crisis in which the National Socialist Party could push through major reforms. When your job, your home, your livelihood seems to be in peril, people look for a voice, any voice, that seems to have the answer for their day-to-day problems. The more charismatic that leader is, the quicker his ascent to power during a crisis.

Not only that, the more charismatic the leader is, the further people will allow themselves to be led down a path that they would normally rebel against.

Hence, the Keynesian theories that Hitler introduced to a desperate population not only served to jolt Germany’s economy into recovery, it also served to make the Germans dependent on the government alone for their welfare and by extension then, on Hitler himself. He became their savior when in fact, he was their greatest doom.

There is no better time to introduce seismic shifts in a nation’s identity than during a crisis, if you are the right kind of despot.

In the years before the French Revolution, Necker borrowed and Calonne spent to combat the crisis caused by France’s financing of the American Revolution. This led to a deepening of the crisis and eventual overthrow of the government.

In 1917 in Tsarist Russia, the Bolsheviks used the economic crisis to overthrow the government and Lenin rose to power amidst the flames. Over and over throughout history we see the same pattern playing itself out; in the midst of crisis, the crazies take over the nuthouse.

We stand on a treacherous precipice here in America today. Had you been able to ask a German prior to Hitler’s rise to power if Germany was capable of the Final Solution, do you think that they would have laughed you to scorn? Do we see that it was not a monstrous sub-class of people who carried out the orders of the Reich but rather normal people who were living their normal lives and were carried away into madness in degrees by a man who understood that times of crisis were perfect opportunities for major reform?

The story of the Russian Revolution carries with it the exact same lessons that we fail to see. It was crisis that lent itself to the ascent of the Soviet Communist party and to the deaths of multiplied millions of Russians at the hands of that regime.

When good people relinquish power, the power that rests in the hands of the individual, and look to a charismatic figure for help, disaster is right around the corner.

It is nothing new that is happening in the world today, my friends. It is the same thing that has been happening since the dawn of time; it takes a crisis to enthrone a monster and I fear that something wicked this way comes.

They have taken away my Lord…

Joh 20:13 And they say unto her, Woman, why weepest thou? She saith unto them, Because they have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they have laid him.

The only thing worse than being lost is amnesia. If you don’t know who you are or where you came from, how can you possibly find your way out of the woods or move with any discernible purpose? This question has led us to throw ourselves into finding out the answer, at any cost and no matter who the answer offends. I want to speak to you about the beginnings of what we have seen.

The obvious beginnings for the Spirit-Filled Church would have to be John Wycliffe, John Hus and The Moravians.

The Moravian Church was once a lightning rod for the power of God here on earth. The path that started with John Wycliffe, was picked up by John Hus, was passed on to The Brethren and solidified at Herrnhut, was the boldest stand by true believers in 1500 years. This group of radicals lived in an intentional community, instituted 24/7 prayer, perfected missions and exemplified service to God in an age when the church had grown heretical, fat, lazy and insular. They exemplified love and unity and perfected cross denominational service, believing that the church was one body made up of many different parts.

They were the tools that God used in the salvation of the Wesleys and the subsequent move of God that shook England and America.

And this wonderful church, with all of its powerful traditions and its rich history has been co-opted.

Tragically, this has culminated just as we have come into a moment in history when the fire of the early Moravian church could have had an enormous impact on a new generation of leaders. As we turn from the religion of the boomers and seek truth in the ancient traditions of our Fathers, we look to an anchor in these times, something lasting and concrete and proven and their pulpits are silent, except for the compromised bleating of their unbelieving hirelings.

At the edges of the Kingdom, we are seeing the rise of leaders who are fed up with the half-truths of Christianity-Lite, leaders who would gladly stand on the bow of a boat heading to St. Thomas and yell to their families that they may very realistically never see again in this life, “May the lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!” And here, at this moment of history, at the literal turning of the tide, the Moravian church has grown so compromised and accommodating to the will of unbelieving theologians that they no longer have a voice, as the worm of Modernist Theology has eaten through the protections of tradition and history and those who should never have forgotten, have given place at their very head to the enemy of our souls and his campaign to destroy the church from within.

In the Moravian Church, they have taken away my Lord and I do not know where they have laid him.

The obvious child of the Moravian movement would have to be the Methodist church. On a ship’s journey to America, John Wesley was powerfully affected by a Moravian missionary. This culminated in his conversion experience in a Moravian meeting back in England, after a failed ministry attempt in Georgia.

The early Methodists had nowhere to preach, being banned from the Anglican pulpits in England. And so the Wesley’s took the message of the cross to the open air outside of coal mines as the workers changed shifts. The era of open air evangelism was born. These radicals ordained lay people to take the Gospel to the isolated areas of Kingdom and called them circuit riders. Francis Asbury had to be tied to his horse as he got older and untied when he arrived at his destination as he could no longer physically hold on to it and being thus tied, this fearless man would cross mountains, deep snow and driving rains to preach the message that God had burned on his heart.

The campmeetings held at the Red River Meeting House in Kentucky saw the majority of that regions population get powerfully saved, in the open air. Thousands descended on the site and it is reported that up to six preachers would preach simultaneously as the crowds were too large for just one person to cover. People who were resistant to the message of the cross found themselves being shaken by the Spirit of God and they would fall on their face, knowing absolutely that God was real and the message that they were hearing was deadly serious.

The Methodists led the call to holiness and world missions and their zeal caught the world on fire.

Today, is there fire in their pulpit at all? Are the people shaken by the majesty of God? Or has third-generation religion replaced first-hand experience as the un-Gospel of the theological elite has eroded this towering monument to the power of God among normal people and lowered it to a man made exercise in religious bureaucracy and carnal religiosity?

They have taken away my Lord and I do not know where they have laid him in the Methodist church.

From the Methodists, the Pentecostals burst onto the scene in 1906 at Azusa Street in Los Angeles, California. Tired of the staleness of religion and sure that there was something more, this small group of nobodies huddled together and earnestly sought God to move fresh in their day. They were not disappointed. When the fire fell at Azusa, it spread like wildfire in the California hills and worldwide. Despite the racism that plagued the early church and forced the split that eventually created the Assemblies of God and Church of God in Christ, the movement flowed until Spirit-Filled believers comprised the second largest Christian group in the world, just behind the Roman Catholics.

It was made up primarily of the poor and the outcast, the exact same group that the Methodists abandoned as they sought acceptance among the cult of respectability. And these saints, who had nothing to lose, did as they have always done; they gave up everything for the God who knew their “nobody” name. As it was true in the Moravian Church, the spiritual mother that they came from, they easily and joyfully gave up their lives to spread the Gospel.

As it was true in the Methodist church, their direct relative in the flow of the Spirit of God, it was the uneducated, the lay leaders that provided the energy and the zeal to see the work accomplished. And like their ancestors, it was their desire to be accepted that caused the fire to flicker and die.

Today, the Pentecostal church is only a shell of its former self. In isolated area of America and the world there are still holiness Pentecostals but they have grown so isolated that their message affects no one any more. I attended one of these places recently and came away from the experience knowing that what I had witnessed was merely the smoke from a billows that has burned itself out attempting to refine silver that refuses to yield.

In other places, Pentecostal is now synonymous with Oneness Pentecostals only and the child of the Moravians is no longer there and only the shell remains.

In the Pentecostal church, they have taken away my Lord and I do not know where they have laid him.

After the First Wave, which was Azusa and the subsequent Pentecostal explosion that occurred, we had what they call the Second wave. This was the era of Oral Roberts, A.A. Allen, William Branham and Jack Coe. The healing revival and Latter Rain Movement spread worldwide and they saw the greatest move of God focused on a sign-gift that the world had ever seen. Huge tents holding 20,000 believers criss-crossed the country and saved millions of souls.

The era ended in tragedy for most, the power has been lost, the fire gone. This was the day of my parents and in it, the power of God was not only real but expected.

Today, there is nothing left of any of it, except the old stories and the edifices of ORU and Rhema speaking volumes about what once was and no longer is. The Second wave transformed into hyper prosperity and hyper grace and their anchor of the past was left somewhere far behind as the individual, humanistic Gospel of ME came to be all that a people, left in their flesh and unconverted and worldly state could hear.

The Third Wave or Prophetic Movement has sought to distance itself from history from its inception. They embraced what they called Primitivism, which was to throw out everything but the Book of Acts. Sadly, Primitivism quickly became Make-stuff-up-ism as they even threw out the whole counsel of the Word, rejecting the Word of God and preferring subjective personal experience.

The modern church has taken away my Lord and I do not know where they have laid him.

I have grown so tired of it all that I would rather quit than be a part of any of it any longer.

For us, we have been forced to ask why we do what we do. Where did we get the order of service? Who defined praise and worship? Why do we do any of the things that we do?

That question has resulted in us throwing out everything that we knew or thought that we knew and starting from scratch. We have gone back to Wycliffe, Hus and the Moravians and asked of them, “What moved you?” What caused you to be in unity, or to gladly burn at the stake for your convictions? What caused you to leave hearth and home and take the Gospel where no one had ever taken it before? To this end, we have gotten rid of our services and began to adopt their practices as the Spirit makes them clear to us. Prayer before service, putting people’s needs before our dog and pony show. The lovefeast and the command that to be a part of it you must love everyone present, forgive all trespasses against you and absolve anyone of any debt that is owed you inside the room.

We have begun to stress love and unity, corporate prayer and sacrifice, the rejection of individualism and the importance of the Social Gospel. We embrace structure, order and the heart religion of Count Zinzendorf. And the fruit has been immediate and gratifying. We have had people rocked at our services, calling me and asking why they can’t eat or sleep. We have watched strife and backbiting disappear and genuine love begin to flow. We have seen our Wednesday night study stretch for three hours as the people will not leave and beg for more Word.

And we have watched those studies culminate in the Wind of the Spirit blow in and leave the room on their face on the floor, some crying loudly and all praying.

God has begun to move again.

Where do we go from here? I am not sure but as we learn the lessons of the ancient Moravian church, we have found our anchor in these troubled times. And we are a generation of seekers, of questioners, be assured. A generation that is comfortable with Monasticism and white martyrdom. A generation that doesn’t care what the status quo does, we just want to know the truth. We are the spiritual descendants of Zinzendorf and the Brethren, of Wesley and his circuit riders, of Seymour and the wonder of Azusa. And what we are seeing may well be the beginnings of a genuine movement here as more and more of ur generation tune in, turn on and drop out, not to drugs and the counter-culture of Evangelicalism but to the clear and loud call of our Fathers in the faith, back to Christianity and the religion of Holy Spirit Revival Fire.

They have taken away my Lord and I do not know where they have laid him but by our life or by our death, we will find out.