Outreach Center Needs

Hi friends.
I will keep this as thrifty as I can. As you know, we have been given a four bedroom property to use as a ministry base in the Slavic Village area of Cleveland. Our approach with this property will be different than anything that we have done before in ministry.

The area is in tremendous difficulties and a standard Gospel approach simply cannot work there.  With drugs, abuse, gangs and hopeless poverty shaping their daily lives, simply going to a church on Sunday and Wednesday will not fit the needs that they struggle with.

What we are being led to do is different.

The house will be used as a hub and as a prototype. It will be a hub in that Evangelists and Evangelists in training will be able to come and stay there. We will train them and use them in power (sign gift) street evangelism and outreaches. We will also hold nightly bible studies for the community and dispense food and help from the location.

It will be used as a prototype in that we are going to make it as off-the-grid, green and sustainable as possible. We want to show the poor exactly how to break the chokehold of the world system.

Remember this: we will never have DOMINION over the World System until we can be INDEPENDENT from it.

So our goal is to create a green prototype there using water catchment, solar cells, wood heat, passive solar and thermal mass materials. We are being led to then start buying up other properties, retrofitting them and giving them away to worthy families.

This is a big goal.

The first part has been completed and we need your help for the next push. Part of the money has come in to get us up and running but we are still a bit short. Most of what we need will be donated or repurposed but some things still need to be purchased or paid for.

So, we need your help today because some of this needs to be in place by this Friday.

This is a worthy Kingdom assignment,  friends. A successful chapter in Cleveland will open up the doors for Gary, Detroit and areas of New Jersey and the rust belt hit hardest by the housing market crash and subsequent rape by vultures.

This is a brand new idea and we are asking you to give today towards it, in any amount. We are believing for thousands but are happy to get tens and hundreds.

Write me at this email if you would like to be used by God in this-  you can send a check, use Wal-Mart for fast service (we are facing a deadline) or go to the blog at

Thank you and God bless!