Satan’s Cure for Revival: The Sowing of Leaven

Revivals are one of the rarest occurrences in Christianity and for this reason they are also one of the most desired experiences in Christianity. Like the illusion of the rarity of diamonds that causes their prices to remain very high, those things that are rare are the things that we deem as the most valuable.… Continue reading Satan’s Cure for Revival: The Sowing of Leaven

Amerikan Babylon

Button your lip. Don’t let the shield slip. Take a fresh grip on your bullet proof mask. And if they try to break down your disguise with their questions – You can hide, hide, hide, Behind paranoid eyes. You put on our brave face and slip over the road for a jar. Fixing your grin… Continue reading Amerikan Babylon

Mercenary Loyalty

O love the LORD, all you His godly ones! The LORD preserves the faithful And fully recompenses the proud doer. Psalm 31:23 NASB Years ago, when I was a very young minister, I went back to Pennsylvania where I was born and where I grew up for part of my childhood. I held some evangelistic… Continue reading Mercenary Loyalty

Quo Vadis?

So many factors come into play in regards to who we are here in America. The world system is hard at work, nudging us and sometimes even bullying us into assimilation with its standards. Just a few years ago, no one would have thought twice about taking a stand on immorality, now 70 percent of… Continue reading Quo Vadis?