Outreach Center Needs

Hi friends.
I will keep this as thrifty as I can. As you know, we have been given a four bedroom property to use as a ministry base in the Slavic Village area of Cleveland. Our approach with this property will be different than anything that we have done before in ministry.

The area is in tremendous difficulties and a standard Gospel approach simply cannot work there.  With drugs, abuse, gangs and hopeless poverty shaping their daily lives, simply going to a church on Sunday and Wednesday will not fit the needs that they struggle with.

What we are being led to do is different.

The house will be used as a hub and as a prototype. It will be a hub in that Evangelists and Evangelists in training will be able to come and stay there. We will train them and use them in power (sign gift) street evangelism and outreaches. We will also hold nightly bible studies for the community and dispense food and help from the location.

It will be used as a prototype in that we are going to make it as off-the-grid, green and sustainable as possible. We want to show the poor exactly how to break the chokehold of the world system.

Remember this: we will never have DOMINION over the World System until we can be INDEPENDENT from it.

So our goal is to create a green prototype there using water catchment, solar cells, wood heat, passive solar and thermal mass materials. We are being led to then start buying up other properties, retrofitting them and giving them away to worthy families.

This is a big goal.

The first part has been completed and we need your help for the next push. Part of the money has come in to get us up and running but we are still a bit short. Most of what we need will be donated or repurposed but some things still need to be purchased or paid for.

So, we need your help today because some of this needs to be in place by this Friday.

This is a worthy Kingdom assignment,  friends. A successful chapter in Cleveland will open up the doors for Gary, Detroit and areas of New Jersey and the rust belt hit hardest by the housing market crash and subsequent rape by vultures.

This is a brand new idea and we are asking you to give today towards it, in any amount. We are believing for thousands but are happy to get tens and hundreds.

Write me at this email if you would like to be used by God in this-  you can send a check, use Wal-Mart for fast service (we are facing a deadline) or go to the blog at

Thank you and God bless!


Spirit Filled Evangelist

We are in transition as a ministry. It has been a long, strange trip and it feels like many pieces are finally falling into place. Today, one of the final pieces rolled into place as we felt the mandate to roll power gift evangelism back to the forefront of what we do.

There is an incredible lack of Spirit filled Evangelists in the church right now, they simply do not fit in with most Pastor’s personal agendas. It could be added however that most of those Pastors do not fit in with God’s agenda.

We need a return of men speaking to communities with more of the truth of the Word and a demonstration of the supremacy of Christ and less pandering to the whims of the world system with seeker sensitive church growth methods.

We have totally lost our way, my friends, and looking for yet another new church is not the answer. Those of us that feel this to be true must transition now away from a compromised system and into one based upon the manifest power of God and confrontational truth.

How badly we have swerved away from the truth is easily demonstrated. Awhile ago, I was given a gift for visiting a church on a Sunday morning. The church was an Assembly of God and they gave us June’s copy of “Today’s Pentecostal Evangel”. Inside was an article on “The Changing Face of Evangelism” and there was a picture of Billy Sunday and some hipster that I didn’t know.

Anyway, as I read, I became livid.

The first comment that caught my attention was the following, “Gone are the days when a camp meeting was a big event in town”. I thought to myself, “Okay, that’s just an opinion. It lacks foresight but I can agree to disagree with that.” Then I read further “An Evangelist supplements by providing a particular specialty that may not be the local Pastor’s strength, such as teaching on Spirit baptism.”


“The Evangelist complements by teaching the people from a second voice that confirms what the Pastor has been sharing with them.”

Are you kidding me? That is the job of the Evangelist in the church, to complement the local Pastor? And this was coming from the AG! I’m sorry but I don’t know what books they are handing out in Springfield for leaders to read but apparently it isn’t the Bible anymore.

The reason that we are at a .02 percent growth rate for new conversions is because the evangelist has gone as extinct as the Dodo bird. When the people who carry the anointing and calling of God that acts as the means of grace for God to save a soul are busy confirming what a Pastor is saying, no one will be getting saved. When our evangelists spend all of their time going inside churches and no time outside of it, we are in trouble. When they must “book dates” and raise money, they cannot focus on their calling because they have become businessmen instead of prophets.

How did we ever get here?

Here’s is the revelation that we must get right now: you are besieged, church. You are trapped behind the four walls of your church by the enemy outside and the only ministry that you know is to other besieged people. You are devouring one another and defining ministry gifts by what you can do while you are besieged, not by what God had intended for us as His church!

The job of an Evangelist is not to supplement a local Pastor. The job of an Evangelist is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, in the world. But our Evangelists are not Evangelists anymore; they are travelling preachers with a career agenda and money on the brain. In fact, I don’t even think that I personally know an Evangelist other than Mario Murillo right now.

Let me lay this out for you- it is time and high time for a coup d’church; a radical overthrow of all of the things that we know are wrong in the system but do nothing about.

What is our current state, you ask? Well, let’s take the Moravian Church for instance, who at one time held a 24/7 prayer ministry for 100 years while sending out over 300 missionaries to areas unreached by the Gospel message. Today many of them doubt the infallibility of the very Word that scores of them gave their lives for in the past.

When those who should lead us have fallen into secularism and liberalism, it is time for a coup d’church.

Methodist women used to have “pray-in’s” where they all sat as a group in front of the doors of local taverns and prayed, refusing to move and refusing to allow anyone inside. Methodists used to hold camp meetings where God moved, people repented and were saved. They used to send circuit riders all over the country, covering rural areas with the good news. Today they are now mainstream and neither God nor the people move.

When the new wineskin becomes the old wineskin, unable to contain any new wine, its time for a coup d’church.

We could mention the Salvation Army or the Presbyterian Church and how far removed they are from the radical manifestations of revival in their past.

We could mention Pentecostals who now too dignified to have the gifts of the Spirit operate in public or the Word of Faith folks who took revelation from God and started commanding stones to become bread for their own use.

The list is too long and too painful for me because I love the church. But I cannot abide what a church does to people when it is based on lies, compromise and the world system.

The disease of the church is systemic and what change can come to it must come from outside of it, period.

We must take what we can from the past and never lose them while being sure to lose everything that came later as a result of the compromises of weak men. To be clear, I am calling for an outright revolt where it is deserved. I am calling for a coup in the church because they are simply not competent to lead us into the future.

Let us love them but get free. Let us wish them well but move on. Let us hold no malice but not compromise an instant longer. Let us harbor no bitterness but press forward.

The days of revival are coming, mark my words. But Saul’s armor does not fit and simply singing in the camp is not the battle that we were born for. There is no revival because the people that God has chosen to ignite it refuse to break free and seek him until he is found.

That is you.

You were born for better than this. You were placed on this planet for a time such as this, enginneered by God for the Hell you would see. But you have to be that person right now, throwing off all restraint and the chains of men. Because you are the change that you have been waiting for

Call for help: Slavic Village


As all of you know, we have been preparing to head to Europe. However, a few days ago we felt God saying that there was some “unfinished business” that needed attended before we go.
After praying about it, I felt sure that he was referring to Slavic Village in Cleveland.

I first went to Cleveland in the fall of 2014 for two weeks. I stayed with a friend and helped him through a hard time in his life. I also did some teaching while I was there to small groups. Towards the end of my trip, I was in prayer during the day and I saw in my spirit some young men beckoning to me from across the street. A sign on the building behind them read “Slavic Village”.

So I went to my friend and asked if he had ever heard of a Slavic Village. He replied that he thought it was in Cleveland. We drove over that afternoon and I witnessed the devastation for the first time. I felt that God wanted me to start a church there and my friend was to look for a building that we could start in.

Six months later, due to circumstances, no progress had been made. I contacted my friend and attempted to make plans to go back to carry out what God had told me to do. I felt I was to go but my friend had too much going on to do any ministry with me.

I can remember sitting in the woods after my friend said it wasn’t a good time to come and really struggling with God. I felt that he had told me to go and yet nothing was working. I had bought a ticket that was sitting in my pocket but I had nowhere to go once I got there. Suddenly, I heard God as clearly as I ever have say to me ” Am I not God in Cleveland? ”

So I headed out not knowing anyone or where I would go. On the way, my friend found me a place to stay in Slavic Village with some Christians.

They were very gracious and put me up for over 50 days. For over 50 days I taught every single night. For 50 days, I did Street ministry, fought social justice battles and prayed.

I was alone the entire time, having left my family in Wisconsin. We felt that it was prophetic and that when the way was made for my wife to come that the Holy Spirit would come to Slavic Village.

The way was never made. We had offers for buildings, vehicles that could be purchased and genuine plans that could be implemented immediately. But we could find no one to help. Promises were made that were not followed up on. The people there just did not seem to care about their own city enough to give towards a ministry there.

After a few months back home, I gave up on Slavic Village. The harvest was there but the church was completely ineffective. If you are going to minister an effective Gospel in an area that has more foreclosures and abandoned homes than anywhere else in the country, you need help. If you hope to introduce the Kingdom of God to the main drug trafficking area in Ohio, you need help. And I could find no one that cared for much besides their own concerns.

After the Lord spoke to us about unfinished business three days ago, we began looking to head that direction. We contacted church Pastors that I knew and people that had attended our meetings. The biggest need was securing a home there, fixing that home and then using it as a ministry base to shift a region.

Well, we are excited to announce that a four bedroom home has been totally donated for this ministry. It has been stripped and needs new pipes and wires, the inside needs refinished and it needs appliances, a heater and AC. What else it needs, we don’t know.

We want to retrofit it green, using sustainable materials and technology. We believe that a revolution can occur among the poor if we show them how to get independent of the world system and plugged into God’s abundance. We want to use solar, a water catchment system, heat sinks and plant a complete permaculture garden.

We also want to use it as a ministry center, holding nightly revival meetings, offering discipleship and community building as well.

We believe there is hope, even in this hopeless place. We believe that we can start a movement where the church gains control of properties and changes the spiritual climate of the region.

I am pasting an old article here from CNNMoney that talks about the issues facing Slavic Village. If after reading it, you can see the importance of getting a Kingdom based Gospel preached there, please give generously towards this project via our GIVE tab.

CLEVELAND (CNNMoney.com) — When homeowners moved away after a wave of foreclosures in Cleveland’s working-class neighborhood of Slavic Village, crime took off.
Slavic Village is known as the worst neighborhood in the nation for foreclosures. In a study for CNNMoney, RealtyTrac calculated that properties in its ZIP code recorded more foreclosure filings in three months than anywhere else in the United States.
According to Jim Rokakis, Cuyahoga County Treasurer, more than 800 houses now sit vacant and moldering in the area, which was founded in the 1840s by Polish and Bohemian immigrants who worked in area steel mills and factories.
The first thing that happened after owners moved out of foreclosed homes in Slavic Village was that squatters and looters moved in, according to Mark Wiseman, director of the Cuyahoga County Foreclosure Prevention Program. “In the inner city, it takes about 72 hours for a house to be looted after it is vacant,” he said.
Walking around the neighborhood, Mark Seifert, director of the East Side Organizing Project pointed out a home he said was still occupied less than two weeks before. The gutters and downspouts were already gone, and trash covered the yard.

Long-time Slavic Village resident Joe Krasucki had celebrated his 78th birthday last spring, when, late in the evening, he heard some noise and went out for a look. Reports said he’d had run-ins with local gangs before. A neighbor’s abandoned house had already been stripped of its aluminum siding and, according to Rokakis, Krasucki thought the looters were back, working on his home. Outside, he was attacked and badly beaten. He died some days later.
After stripping the siding, looters don’t take long to make a vacant property nearly worthless.
“If someone takes the doors, moldings, appliances, it’s bad enough,” said Wiseman. “But once they pull the piping out, it’s all over; they do it with a sledge hammer.”
Putting a house back together takes money, more money than the restored home could bring on the market. And stopgap programs, such as razing derelict houses, aren’t feasible – Cuyahoga County only has a few million dollars available for demolition work, and Wiseman estimates at least $100 million is needed.
Many houses in Slavic Village have had their siding stripped up to the roof lines. A few criminal masterminds even stripped vinyl siding, apparently unaware of the difference in wholesale scrap prices between plastic and metal.
When a house is derelict, people will dump garbage in the yard, rather than pay for haulage. Windows are broken, and doors are stolen, opening up the interior to the elements. In Cleveland’s cold and damp climate, the houses deteriorate quickly. But some not badly enough to keep drug dealers out.
Asteve’e “Cookie” Thomas was just 12 years old this past summer when she was gunned down coming out of a Slavic Village candy store, caught in a crossfire from suspected dealers engaged in a drug war. Seifert said one of the alleged shooters was using an abandoned house in the neighborhood as a base.
According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, five people, including Thomas and Krasucki, have been killed in Slavic Village in the past two years: In July, Grady Smith, 27, was shot outside his home while working on his car. In Nov. 2006, Roman Grasela, 71, died of blows to his head after his house was broken into. And in October 2005, Therese Szelugowski, 76, died weeks after falling and hitting her head after she was mugged.

Some Slavic Village home owners, still hoping to salvage something out of houses they have vacated, have installed stout doors on entryways with thick locks. They board up windows with three-quarter-inch, exterior-grade plywood.
Others attempt to thwart looters by advertising the lack of anything of value inside. They paint signs saying: “No copper, No wiring, PVC.”
Residents have tried to fight back, organizing neighborhood watch groups and lobbying the police, who, many feel, are too often missing in action.
Seifert pointed out an open, empty lot on one block that had been used by car thieves for months and months to store and strip parts from stolen cars. It took a concerted effort by a local group called “Bring Back the 70’s” (which refers to the street numbers in the neighborhood) to get the police to clear the lot of the thieves.
But as the number of empty lots and abandoned houses grows where houses and residents were once packed in a tight community, there are fewer and fewer neighbors to fight the battle. 

Revival Schedule

Hi all.

As we transition to Europe, we are setting final dates across the U.S. this Spring and Summer.

We are booking conferences, churches, city-wide revival meetings and home meetings.

If you feel led or see a need for a fresh move of God in your home, church or region, just drop us a note via the contact tab and we will get ahold of you.


New Sermon: Switching Systems


“Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son” Col 1:13

The church tends to get most things wrong well in advance of the need. Case in point; if you are not instructed as to the laws that govern the Kingdom of God, you will find yourself hopelessly flailing in the world system. The Kingdom of God has a unique mindset and economy and you need to know these rules to function in it properly.

But the church has spent too much time instructing people in how to fit into their subculture and none instructing them the realities of the Kingdom.

In this study, we begin to lay out the differences between the two systems and discuss the dangers present in trying to live in two worlds at once.


Help us reach France today!


Those of you that follow this ministry know that we have never backed down from a challenge. We have always preached the truth, no matter how unpopular. We have travelled and preached in places that “normal” Christians and preachers won’t go.

This ministry has preached all over the U.S. for over 20 years. We have spoken of the need for revolution and the Lazarus Generation, revival and Reformation; many times to people that were quite happy to remain asleep in the light.

We have talked and written about the upcoming generational chasm and it’s repercussions for the future of the American church; how we will see a 3% church attendance rate in this country within a few short years.

Recently, something has shifted and we are staring at the biggest change in the history of this ministry squarely in the face. God is calling us to a different mission field.

We are leaving the U.S. and heading to Europe as missionaries.

We believe that the lessons that we have learned over the years in regards to vintage reconciliation, post modern ministry, Gen-X outreach methodologies, etc, will be used by God effectively in one of the most spiritually barren places on Earth; France.

France, you ask? Why France?

France has the 4th largest atheist population in the world.

Of 36,550 towns and cities in France, 35,000 do not have 1 evangelical church.

A large evangelical church in France may consist of only 20-30 regular attendees.

A youth population that is largely uninterested in the gospel. 

Less than 10% own a Bible and 80% have never even handled one.

There are 10 times more people earning a living in occult practices than there are evangelical pastors and missionaries. 

There are now 10 Muslims in France for every 1 Evangelical Christian.

Now, we believe that the only point of this ministry is revival. And we believe that revival is the ultimate purpose for this move. France is the Jericho of Europe – if revival breaks there, in the very heart of secular humanism in Europe, then the rest of Europe’s Gen-X and disenfranchised youths will be swept up into a great awakening as well.

But the methods that have been employed over the last 50 years have all failed. And the majority of Western missionaries that go there fail. But this ministry is something radically different that Europe has not seen before.

We believe that Jesus loves the lost of Europe and wants to awaken them to the light of the knowledge of Christ. This secular stronghold must give way for the Kingdom of God and the eternal message of Christ’s dominion and rule.

We need your help, make no mistake. The mission organization has set us a goal of $10,000 USD per month for personal and ministry funding and an initial set up need of over $100k.

We believe that God is going to set up a ministry training center there that will be free, where converts can come and learn all they need to succeed in that mission field.

We believe that God is going to have us train people in off the grid sustainable farming and building techniques to free ministers from the slavery of the world system and as a means of social justice.

We believe that we will employ the hub method that God gave us and reach thousands with the Good News of the Kingdom.

We are asking for your help in one time gifts and monthly donation pledges to sustain this incredibly important revival mission.

Simply go to the GIVE tab and help us to launch this revolution in the darkest part of Europe today.

God bless you, friends.
James and Shana & Co.

New Sermon: Intro to Manifestation


Hi all.
I have a new sermon uploaded. This one deals with the dominion of the church, limitless expanse of the possibility of God’s provision and the ultimate goal of our manifestation as Sons of God.
Fell free to listen and share.

Keep us in prayer as the mission sending group is proposing sending us to Spain within a few months.

JC Smith & Co.