Revolutionary Papers: June 23, 2019

Blessed (empowered to prosper) are the poor in the spiritual realm: for theirs is the Kingdom of God.

Matthew 5:3

Notice first that Christ was not saying that poverty was a blessing. I’ve been poor and I’ve had money; having money is better. Unjust poverty is violence, as Gandhi stated; it’s a terrible assault on human beings that causes a miserable existence and untimely death. As the Senate of the Kingdom of God in this Earth, we need to view poverty in its correct sense: a tool of the satanic World System that is used to cause suffering, to stop that suffering from being alleviated by the church and to keep resources in the hands of the ungodly.

No, Christ wasn’t extolling the virtues of poverty here.

What he was doing was introducing key concepts of His government and the foundational elements of a separate reality that had its advent with His earthly ministry.

Traditionally the poor have had very little recourse in their struggle, particularly up until modern times. The poor were born poor and ultimately died poor, leaving nothing for posterity but the debts that they had accrued along the way.

It was to them that Christ addressed His message: There is a remedy. Not only for your sins against deity but for your besetting circumstances as you are stranded here in time. The Kingdom of God has gained entrance into this planet and the rules and laws of this Kingdom supersede the natural laws that stand against you, no matter how poor you may be.

What an amazingly revolutionary statement! Yet here we stand, 2000 years later and yet the basic revelation has largely eluded us.

The Kingdom of God is God’s rule, God’s reign, God’s power, God’s authority, God’s economy and God’s government manifested in the Now. Inclusion in this Kingdom is determined by eternal genetics, you can’t simply opt in; that is the privilege of the Elect, those that share the faith DNA of Abraham.

And the Kingdom is the cooperation of God’s Heaven and man’s earth in the demonstration of God’s wisdom in the creation of man in His own image and the power of His offspring by faith.

What is commonly called ‘the Church’ is in reality the Senate of the Children of God and the central hub of their efforts to make the Earth like Heaven.

And you can’t buy your way into it and you can’t be excluded from it based on poverty, sins, ancestry, race or earthly boundaries.

This is the opening salvo of the revolution of the Christ: the Elect poor don’t have to be poor any more; they have access in the spiritual realm to the reality of the Kingdom of God and their lives can be drawn from that eternal account as a matter of inheritance.


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