Spring Fundraiser

Hey all.

It’s been quite an interesting winter at the Currahee Community. I’ll be writing more next week in regards to specifics of what happened and what is currently happening here but in the meantime, I wanted to let our friends and supporters all over the world know of a very important need.

As you guys know, we don’t put out fundraisers or mention specific needs; feeling like we need to take everything to prayer alone. I had used this method for many years in ministry and fell away from it due to the wear and tear of ministry in general. And God has always been faithful to us as we try in our small way to demonstrate the God that answers prayer.

This time we are faced with not only material needs but the outright resistance of some Christian “ministries” and so we are going to let you know a very pressing amount that we are believing for.

With winter being over, we were saddled with the burden of utilities on not just our small rooms that we use as living quarters here at the Intentional Community but all of the utilities for a 25,000 square foot building plus two big barns. This will be litigated in court come June but for now, the need remains in order to keep everything going.

This is a good work and the fruit has been amazing. I’m asking that you help as the Lord needs to keep the lights burning bright here!

God bless you guys!

JC & Co.



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