Practical Prayer part 1

want you to consider something in regards to prayer. In the morning when you first wake up and after taking some stock in your immediate surroundings (making coffee), this is when the enemy and the flesh tend to take advantage of you.

I’ve found that it happens as either a sudden thought in regards to people or a person or an event or circumstance. Attendant to this thought is an emotion or feeling or impression inside of you, either for good or ill.

This sets the tone then of your day. I’ve struggled for years under this, thinking somehow that I could attribute these feelings or impressions to something spiritual. This is basing your faith on subjective emotions.

Take your cue from the Lord’s Prayer which is the pattern Christ himself gave us; the first order of business is, “Our Father”.

In the mornings after getting up, I remember to first of all just simply say ‘good morning’ to God. I make him the subject of my first sentence of the day. Then after taking stock of my surroundings (making coffee), I begin to meditate and confess the nature of our relationship, how he has placed himself in the position of being the one responsible for taking care of me. That he is my Father and has set his will to hear me. That he desires to be my sole source and the supplier of every good thing in my life. I confess and meditate on how he sees in secret and will reward openly, how he knows what I have need of before I ask him, how he wants my joy to be full and how he takes care of my life by looking at a much larger picture than I ever could with my petty perspective and subsequent anxiety.

Faith is not based on emotions or presumptions or impressions or checks in your “spirit”. Faith is based on the love, character, ability and word of God.


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