Going to the Gentiles

I go to the Gentiles…

What does that mean? Simply this, I no longer feel compelled to try and teach, train or change the established church. Someone told me a long time ago that it is easier to give birth than to raise the dead and they were right, of course.

It is easier to see someone awakened and then to give them the Word fresh than it is to convince people that think they know something to change. Now process this; most of the folks that cannot accept truth hold onto their traditional world views, it has nothing to do with whether a teaching is scriptural or not.

Example: I have been raised in an environment where A has been taught. You are teaching X. X doesn’t gel with A and I don’t want to be wrong in what I’ve always believed. Therefore even though X is scripturally correct, I choose to keep believing A, even though it’s not scriptural, not anointed and God does not show up to confirm it. At the same time, even though what you are saying is scripturally correct, is anointed and God does show up to confirm it, I choose to reject it because it’s not what I want to hear. Good luck with that.

This is the exact stance the Pharisees took with Christ and then with the 1st Church. Selah.

The Establishment Church’s methods, doctrine, outreach and worship have all failed. There have been no revivals, only experiments in modern communication and human curiosity. If you can get your “revival” to make press, people will assume it’s real. Good job, Adonijah. People may say, but I went to Toronto, Smithton, Brownsville, Lakeland and God did such-and-such. Perhaps. God has changed me before in a bar, is that him condoning the entire bar scene?

At any rate.

No matter how much I have tried to work with Establishment churches and their attendant Churchians over the last 26 years, it almost always ends the same. You love your religion, (the worship of God in his absence) you prefer your politics, worldview, culture and your comfortable life. Worse still, Establishment Churchians refuse to learn anything outside of their box or to admit they might be wrong.

I go to the Gentiles.

Undoubtedly I will get accused of ‘not walking in love’. What is meant by that is not that I don’t love and pray and cry over the AIDS victim, the outcast, the homosexual, the tweaker, the raped, beaten, abused, rejected or the poor. What is meant is that I don’t deal with Churchians like Mr. Rogers.

You say, but I love the Lord, you should walk in love and be nice! Friend, Jesus said that if you love him, you do what he says. If you love, you do. Do what? Sell all you have and give it to the poor. Go into all the world and preach the Gospel, Leave all and follow him, take up your cross…

So do you even love God?
Jesus said to Peter, Peter, do you have an agape love for me?
Peter answered, Lord, I have a phileo love for you.
Jesus said feed my sheep (do something)
Jesus asked again, Peter do you have an agape love for me?
Peter said, Lord you know by practical demonstration that I love you like family, like a brother.
Jesus said take care of my lambs (do something).
Jesus asked him a third time, Peter, do you even have a phileo love for me? I know you’ve denied twice having agape love for me, I know you’ve said you have brotherly love for me but do you even have that?

The difference between sheep and goat is not what they believe in their heart, it’s not their sing-along worship experience, the difference between sheep and goat is their actions.

I don’t “love” Churchians? Fair enough. I’m good with that.

As for me, I will find those that need God, are hungry for his Word and want to change. I will leave the camp and their mess behind and find God on his terms.

Food for thought: if a revival of religion presupposes declension (if you know you need revival it’s because you know you have backslidden into a bad condition) and you are not experiencing revival yet you staunchly choose to defend what you do, think, preach and practice, what does that tell you?

For those hungry for his Word, desperate for revival, tired of business as usual, fed up with the fake, obsessed with the Lamb being given the reward of his suffering, willing to lose all and go into all the world, desirous of true worship (caring for widows and orphans and not compromising with the World System) keep plugged in right here and with the blog.

I’m not sure if exactly where he is leading, I just know the cloud is moving and I am compelled to follow it.

As always, much real love. I’m here if you need anything by email, messenger or phone/text.

Semper Reformanda!


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