Help us reach France today!


Those of you that follow this ministry know that we have never backed down from a challenge. We have always preached the truth, no matter how unpopular. We have travelled and preached in places that “normal” Christians and preachers won’t go.

This ministry has preached all over the U.S. for over 20 years. We have spoken of the need for revolution and the Lazarus Generation, revival and Reformation; many times to people that were quite happy to remain asleep in the light.

We have talked and written about the upcoming generational chasm and it’s repercussions for the future of the American church; how we will see a 3% church attendance rate in this country within a few short years.

Recently, something has shifted and we are staring at the biggest change in the history of this ministry squarely in the face. God is calling us to a different mission field.

We are leaving the U.S. and heading to Europe as missionaries.

We believe that the lessons that we have learned over the years in regards to vintage reconciliation, post modern ministry, Gen-X outreach methodologies, etc, will be used by God effectively in one of the most spiritually barren places on Earth; France.

France, you ask? Why France?

France has the 4th largest atheist population in the world.

Of 36,550 towns and cities in France, 35,000 do not have 1 evangelical church.

A large evangelical church in France may consist of only 20-30 regular attendees.

A youth population that is largely uninterested in the gospel. 

Less than 10% own a Bible and 80% have never even handled one.

There are 10 times more people earning a living in occult practices than there are evangelical pastors and missionaries. 

There are now 10 Muslims in France for every 1 Evangelical Christian.

Now, we believe that the only point of this ministry is revival. And we believe that revival is the ultimate purpose for this move. France is the Jericho of Europe – if revival breaks there, in the very heart of secular humanism in Europe, then the rest of Europe’s Gen-X and disenfranchised youths will be swept up into a great awakening as well.

But the methods that have been employed over the last 50 years have all failed. And the majority of Western missionaries that go there fail. But this ministry is something radically different that Europe has not seen before.

We believe that Jesus loves the lost of Europe and wants to awaken them to the light of the knowledge of Christ. This secular stronghold must give way for the Kingdom of God and the eternal message of Christ’s dominion and rule.

We need your help, make no mistake. The mission organization has set us a goal of $10,000 USD per month for personal and ministry funding and an initial set up need of over $100k.

We believe that God is going to set up a ministry training center there that will be free, where converts can come and learn all they need to succeed in that mission field.

We believe that God is going to have us train people in off the grid sustainable farming and building techniques to free ministers from the slavery of the world system and as a means of social justice.

We believe that we will employ the hub method that God gave us and reach thousands with the Good News of the Kingdom.

We are asking for your help in one time gifts and monthly donation pledges to sustain this incredibly important revival mission.

Simply go to the GIVE tab and help us to launch this revolution in the darkest part of Europe today.

God bless you, friends.
James and Shana & Co.


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