Dear Saul,


Dear Saul,

I am writing this to inform you that I am leaving your church system. I know that a letter is not the best way to do things but I figured that without my informing you, you may not have even realized that I had left.

It is really no surprise that you would not have noticed my being gone- I was not one of those that you seem to prefer for a member. It was hard for me to just accept everything that you said and my endless questions and idealism seemed to bother you from the start.

Although you may never notice my absence, I wanted to let you know why I am leaving your system because in my heart, I always find myself hoping that somehow you will turn things around.

1. For continuing to stay in position even when the bleating of the sheep can be heard. (1 Samuel 15: 13-14)

Performing part of what the Lord tells us to do while ignoring the rest of His command is not acceptable, Saul. I guess that you do this in order to please the people who are following you. But the Lord does not care about your good intentions towards the people- He cares about your obedience to Him. Have you forgotten that the word says that if you seek to please men, you cannot be a servant of God?

I see you so many times worrying about what the people want to hear. I see you providing every conceivable program and entertainment in order to draw them. But what happened to telling them the whole truth? You can’t exclude the cross from your teachings because the people don’t like to hear it, unless of course you have excluded the cross from your own life. If that is the case, you really have no right to teach it anyway.

The bottom line is that I cannot stay involved in a system where those that lead are doing it after their own imagination and not following the will of the Lord. Have you asked what His will is lately, Saul? Or have you just sought more power for your program from Him?

2. For bringing us into your churches as a novelty, so long as we pleased you. (1 Samuel 16: 17-23)

It took us awhile to figure out that you were doing this to us. We were always so pleased that you had “discovered” us that we just did whatever you wanted us to. We encouraged you, helped you in your ministry and defended you against every foe that we saw.

What we didn’t know is that you viewed us as a novelty that could be thrown away when we lost our “shiny”. Being rejected is not a good feeling for anyone and especially not for people like us. We put our whole heart into trying to help you, Saul. And we never purposefully did anything that we thought would hurt you. It seems that so long as we found favor in your sight, we were allowed to stand just behind you. But any time that your favor ceased- we were sent back to Jesse’s house.

We always found ourselves believing that there was something wrong with us personally when you had no more use for us. We would cry out to God to show us where we were so wrong that we should be rejected. The answer that we finally got from our Lord shocked us, Saul- He said that you were not Him.

No matter how hard we tried, we always seemed to lose your loyalty. Maybe that is because we love Jesus more than the system that you created.

3. For creating an effeminate army and then allowing the world to march out and mock it every day while you do nothing. (1 Samuel 17: 1-11)

Nothing that has been done sickens us quite as much as this one. When we came into your church system, we didn’t do so from some squeaky-clean background. We came up on the rough side of the mountain, so to speak. To be honest, when we came into your system we didn’t really know what a real Christian man even looked like. We had been brainwashed by your generation into believing that our parents couldn’t be trusted and that the “old folks” had been way too rigid and their way of thinking should be done away with.

We came in looking for an answer and for role models to pattern ourselves after but what we found was shocking. We found the “warriors” who were sent to stand against the enemy too afraid to even go to the battle.

We found that all of these “men” had become the products of the spirit of the age and were too soft to fight. They were like the tribe of Asher who abode on the seashore when Deborah called them to fight; everything seemed to be more important than the battle of the ages. These men of yours are more likely to huddle than engage in any meaningful melee.

The world has mocked Christ continuously on your watch, Saul. Every day they march out in public and shower Him and His Church with disdain and ridicule. And you just sat back and watched him do it. Worse that that, you have managed to sin so grievously that God was forced to expose you and distance himself from you so that no one could confuse your lack of holiness with Himself.

We are not of your generation and we hold no soft spot for your social commentary. When you talk of revolution, you mean love-ins and meaningless boycotts that produce nothing. When we talk of it, we don’t mean little token gestures, we mean kicking the enemy full in the face and rooting all of his garbage out of the church.

We have got some news for you, Saul; we are not the kind of men that you approve of. We have a profound intolerance for injustice and we will lay down our lives for the cause of Christ and to alleviate the suffering of mankind. We will run to the battle yelling “Blessed be the Lord who teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight!”

It is a new day and we look far in the past, before you came around, to find our role models. We look to the heroes of WWII, who did not shirk at the possibility of death in order to stop the oppression of the innocent. They did their duty and never thought of burning a draft card or running away. We do not look to your generation and your men that seem to need therapy after every battle and who are more comfortable in slippers than combat boots.

Duck and cover, Saul. David is running to the battle now. And we are taking no prisoners and giving no quarter.

4. For trying to force us to wear your armor when we are going to war to clean up your mess in the first place. (1 Samuel 17: 32-39)

If we were to have listened to you, Saul, we would not have even gone up to the battle. You were doing little, of course, except building ever bigger kingdoms for yourself but you said that we should not go because we were only youths. But when we came to this camp of the Lord, we did so with some past experience under our belt. We came to you full of the understanding that God had saved us from the lion and the bear and any uncircumcised Philistine that stood against God would end up just like these had.

You told us that if we had to go to war, we had to go just like you did. But your armor doesn’t fit us and it never will. You don’t understand why we aren’t content to just do everything exactly the way that you have done them. You say that we can’t even be a Christian if we don’t do Church like you. We must sound like you when we preach and sing like you when we worship. From marketing to altar calls, you dictated the way that we should go to the battle but in the end, we saw that it just did not work for the fight that we faced.

And so we beg to differ with you, Saul.

You have failed to reach our generation with your humanistic Gospel. They are dying by the multiplied millions while you pose and parade and practice the fine art of political correctness.

And we will wait for your approval no longer to do battle. If all that will stand up to the Goliaths of our day is we few socially questionable radicals than so be it. We will do so with 5 smooth stones and the battle song of the Lord on our lips. We will not look to you when we decide how a church should be run. We will not look to you when we evangelize our generation. We will look to the Lord and to the battles that he has already brought us through.

All of this being said really just boils down to this:

Goodbye Saul, we have a battle to run to. We tried to fit into your system; we tried to build bridges so that you could understand us. But you required more than you gave and in the end, it was always just about yourself and preserving your monument that you constructed. You were so intent on elevating your methods and protecting the changes that you introduced, you never even questioned if they even worked anymore.

And so we will ignore your system completely and seek God on how to build something after his heart so that our generation may worship Him freely without all of your baggage attached. And together we will see that the Ark comes back where it belongs.

See you anon,



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