By Our Life or By Our Death

We, as Christians, are finding out very quickly that the generation gap being experienced today is unlike any other transition time in history. We live in a time of post-modern thought that has run headlong into modern thinking and there does not seem to be any peace accord in the works. Post-modern thinking began to firmly take root in the 50’s and 60’s but for many of those people, for which post-modern thought was learned, it is hard to convince them that they are, in fact, not moderns.

If you take a look at differences in generations, it is not all that hard to see the patterns. Compare, for instance, the generation of the 60’s with the generation of the 40’s. Whereas one gave everything for the cause of freedom, not shirking their duty and enduring hardships for the greater good, the other slowly poisoned society with rhetoric until they had almost ruined this nation. From the time of the Warren Court to the end of Carter’s administration, we were a nation in decline. Only when Reagan took office in 1980 did we begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel. We started to think differently, we began to think in line with the Greatest Generation and our country had to learn a whole new vocabulary. We exchanged cowardly détente policies for the simple word “win”. We began to hound the Communists anywhere they were, even bypassing liberal cowards in Congress to get the weapons that anti-Marxist forces needed to them.

America started to remember herself again.

In the church, we have yet to see the problem. At the end of the 60’s, when the Jesus People began to seek Christ, we adapted to more suit them. We took out hymns, crosses, standards of dress and straight words from our churches. When the “me” generation of the 70’s began to seek Christ, we further fell from tradition and began to sound and look more and more like the world that was coming in. In the 80’s when greed infested the world, we quickly made room for it in our pulpits, embracing teachings that in no way resemble biblical Christianity. And on and on it has gone. We have been bamboozled, undermined, led astray and deceived by leaders who hold to a system of thought that runs in direct contradiction to who we are supposed to be in the church.

Today, the church has become a shadow of what it once was. We fill great buildings with people rushing to hear how they are okay. We sing about how Jesus is our boyfriend and allow weak, emasculated men to shirk their duties in the church, in our families and in this nation.

But how did we get here?

A philosophy was birthed during the Renaissance and it found a political a social voice during the Enlightenment. It has become the standard base of all thought during our times. It can be called Humanistic Autonomy, the autonomy of man from God. The only worship this thinking knows is the pursuit of material goods, the only God is itself. The greatest goal that a man can achieve in his life is his own contentment and there is no low that cannot be fixed with social programs, medication or therapy.

In Humanistic society, there is no evil. All anti-social acts can be attributed to poverty, poor parenting, ethnic angst or lack of education, never to fallen man’s nature or the primitive idea of evil. Add to this base of thought the new ideas of tolerance, unilateralism and multiculturalism and you have a recipe for the destruction of Christianity as we know it.

Our generation is one that has been raised with the perceived absence of God. He is a nice idea, some mysterious force (if anything is there at all) that watches us from a distance but is not active in this world in any way. Their God is their own belly and Crowley’s maxim of “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” has been nationally accepted.

And with the church in its current state, there is absolutely no hope that any of it will turn around.

The army of God in the church has fallen into a deep food coma from which no one is waking. We accept the morals of the world as our own with nary a fight, all in the name of being “edgy”. To take a stand marks you as intolerant or a hater, totally out of step with conventional thought and therefore, someone who should be ignored, or worse, purged. The code of the herd is all that matters and the rights of the few trump the rights of the many.

And yet, in the midst of all of this, where is the lion’s roar from the mouths of God’s servants? Where is the call for revival, the return to consecration? Anyone who dares buck convention and cries out about the insidious dangers worming their way into our body like a parasite is quickly reprimanded for his “anger”. We shower support on false prophets who tell us lies and we fill the churches of the soft-sell panderer who makes you feel ‘nice’. But the cry of the concerned is left to starve out and the places that need the most help are overlooked as our preachers jockey for the position of being the “next big thing”.

My friends, this should not be so.

If we do not rouse ourselves now, in this hour, we will lose this nation and we will lose this generation. We must restore the ancient paths in the church of Jesus Christ. We must enable our preachers to cry loud and spare not. We must begin to work earnestly in the harvest fields of rural America, planting churches where we can still make a difference right now. We must remember what real masculinity and femininity consists of and begin to shine like a light in the midst of this crooked generation. We must stop being concerned with being nice and fight like our forefathers did when the evil of European liberal thought attacked the church at the turn of the last century.

There is not a second to lose, not a moment.

I am begging you to take a stand right now, at the turning of the tide. Let the battle cry be raised from Maine to California “By my life or by my death, may Christ be glorified!”


5 thoughts on “By Our Life or By Our Death

  1. I was just in Chicago for training and the subject of my “religion” came up in a group of 8 people. Two of the women in the group were trying to “figure me out” because I had a peace about me. I loudly told them I was a Christian and followed the teachings of my Lord Jesus. A silent hush came over them and the subject was quickly changed. Later that night 1 of the women told me she grew up a baptist and did believe in God and had accepted Jesus as her Lord. But she had turned from God because of her years in College. She was taking biology and chemistry and her professors had convinced her that she was basically an idiot for believing in such nonsense. They proceeded to indoctrinate her in evolution and she began believing in it. Evolution was a fact according to her professors and only weak minded people would look for a crutch in God.

    After over an hour of talking to her explaining why evolution takes more faith to believe she was thanking me for renewing her faith in God again. I also had 1 other person from that group talk to me about the same things. People are afraid to speak publicly about their faith for the very reasons you said.

    I see it all the time, people are seeking God but society and peer pressure are holding them back. Most people don’t have the guts to stand for what they know is right and would rather be part of the silent Christians. The only way I know of to help is by talking to people 1 at a time. If people can see Christ in me and question what they are seeing then that’s all I can do at this point. But, if the people that do believe would only take the time to tell people I think the path would be a much easier one. It sure isn’t happening on TV, or in most of the churches. It’s what can God do for me, not what can I do for God!

  2. JC,

    Thank you for this great word. I was challenged and reminded of our great need to get back to center. I feel so convicted, so burdened even now as I write this. I commend you so much for your stand. Let’s agree together that there will be a return to the old paths and the zeal, passion and fire of our elders will burn in our hearts as well. By our life or death, may the church of Jesus Christ be glorfied.

  3. Way to go, Don! I look forward to seeing y’all on Friday!
    And thank Pastor Troy, that means a lot. You be blessed down there, I know God has his hands all over what you are doing!
    And I am in total agreement with you. Let’s get it back where it should be!

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