Quo Vadis?

So many factors come into play in regards to who we are here in America. The world system is hard at work, nudging us and sometimes even bullying us into assimilation with its standards.

Just a few years ago, no one would have thought twice about taking a stand on immorality, now 70 percent of our Pastors view porn on a daily basis and are therefore either unable to take a stand due to their own perversion or hypocritically do so anyway but with no power backing a single word they say.

We have disguised our deep desire to conform to the world around us as just being “sensitive” to those who are “seeking answers”. It is no longer about ministry, it is about sheer numbers and the high price of maintaining what you have or growing larger. More people in the seats is the name of the game in America now, not Jesus, not his will and certainly not his kingdom.

A Pastor I know told me that he approached his people with an idea recently. He told them that he had come into a bit of money and wanted to use it to fill the church. So he offered the congregation members one hundred dollars for every new person that they could bring to the next Sunday service. The people were very excited of course and at the next meeting, the place had four times the normal amount for a typical Sunday service.

After the song service, the Pastor took his place behind the pulpit with tears running down his cheeks. He looked out over the full church and told everyone present that he had lied- there was no money. He had sinned and would have to go to God about it. But before they judged him too harshly, he said, maybe they should take a look at themselves because they don’t love Jesus, they love money. The proof of that was all of the people that they brought to make a hundred dollars but not one of them had brought a single soul into that place in the hopes of pleasing God. True story.

I seem to struggle every single day with the church as it is. I honestly hate how things are so much that it is a struggle to want to keep preaching.

I have always been rejected by the church, heck, I have been rejected by Christians from the time I was saved. If I were to listen to some of you, I would quit right now and walk away because I am not *fill in the blank* enough.

I would go so far as to say that Churchianity has scarred me as a person. I was hardly ever betrayed in the world. My crew was my crew and right or wrong, we stood by each other. My friends were my friends and I didn’t have to look over my shoulder constantly or not get too close in case they turned on me. We were alike and there was a bond there that I have not seen even once in the church.

It seems to me that the church is full of the kind of shallow, self-seeking, fair-weather friends that I would never have had anything to do with in the world. And ministry…lets not even get into them. The real shame is that those kinds of people are found in the church and you can’t avoid them, no matter what you do.

But why sit we here until we die? I hate the way that things are inside of the church system, as do most of you who read my writings or listen to my sermons but so what?

Unless there is some proactive thinking that starts to take place, nothing will ever change for any of us.

I used the term revolution for a long time, all the way until it became cliche. But no matter how much I yelled, no one responded. There were conferences put on by Andrew Strom to try to get some change going but no one cared enough to move. Everyone wants to listen to Leonard Ravenhill and perfect their inner spiritual journey but no one wants to actually do anything to change the way that things are.

And most of those people who were dissatisfied then are still sitting in the same position, crying about the state of everything without doing a single thing to actually change things.

So, quo vadis, church? WHERE ARE YOU GOING?

How are we changing things? How are we doing ministry differently? Or are we content with the same dead religion, the same TBN fallacies, the same garbage? Are you content to whine and point fingers or can you find the strength needed to make the change now?

Quo vadis?

Lets plant some churches with a full gospel message for a new generation. Lets start street or jail or homeless ministries apart from the established church. Lets get organized and support each other if we are black balled. Lets push one another to rethink, reform and renew. Lets spend the blood, sweat and tears, money, time and food needed to change.

Or lets quit. But either put up or shut up, seriously.

You wouldn’t believe the phone calls and emails that I get that are all about complaining about the system. But all of those conversations end with one of two questions:

What are you doing to change it?

Who are you supporting in prayer and finances that is trying to change things?

If you can’t answer those questions, save your rants. Save your emails and save your angst because I have no sympathy. In fact, lets you and I get in agreement right now that if you won’t do what God has called us all to do, that he will just take you home to himself because we don’t need you here.

Quo vadis, church, where are you going? And when will you wake up? And when we will determine once and for all that we will have either revival or wrath?



2 thoughts on “Quo Vadis?

  1. Thanks for the prayers, we need them, brother. And that’s an understatement.
    I feel like a soldier in Vietnam, trying to warn the men when they’re all stoned. But we have to say something because unless we all determine to do what we can and not back off and not back down, I fear for the church and for our country.

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