The Tone of Victory

I have uploaded a new sermon called The Tone of Victory. You can get it either at that link or by going to the audio sermons section. It is not a typical repentance sermon, in fact, it is not a repentance sermon at all. We have learned over the last 16 years how to stand by faith, in fact, we are still learning every single day. I wanted to share some of this with you, even if it makes me unpopular with some.

The answer is not always to repent, it is not the sole answer in the word and is not the sole answer in my life. Sometimes we must love, sometimes stand by faith, sometimes we must shake off the chains that bind us and praise God in the midst of the storm, sometimes learn to be quiet when we would be inclined to agree with the enemy rather than God!

I hope you are blessed and encouraged by this, feel free to give out the link to anyone going through a difficult time. I will begin writing again in the next few days, we have been focused on something that we are believing for here in Houston and the negotiations have taken most of my time up. Keep us in prayer, please.

And if you are blessed by this or any other sermon on here, write me or comment and let me know!

– JC Smith


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