This may sting a little…

I have put up two new sermons online. “The Pearl” deals with why it is many of us feel out of place in the church and what the truth is that has caused men to give up everything and die for the cause of Christ. He is worth everything to you if you have ever discovered the pearl, for those that really haven’t, it becomes obvious why they act the way that they do.

The second one is called “The Leaven of the Pharisees”. This is a part of a series that I have preached on that shows the different types of leaven mentioned in the Bible. These are the leaven of the Pharisee, Saducee, Herod, Corinthians and Galatians. The leaven of the Pharisee is religion. This sermon is not easy listening, it hits religion hard and spares no ones feelings.

Give them a listen, distribute them, whatever.


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